Established in 1942, the Sri Lankan Coconut Producers' Co-operative Societies Union Ltd is the Apex Coconut Co-operative in Sri Lanka. We are the only grower based manufacture, processor and exporter of coconut products in the country.

The membership of our co-operative comprises of small holder land owners. The small holder land owners in Sri Lanka account for more than 70% of the total coconut production in the country. For consistent quality reliable delivery we depend on our long experience and dedication. We grow, process and export only coconut products and includes,

Kernel products
Non kernel products
Desiccated coconut high fat (regular and fancy cuts) Bristle Fibre (Natural, Black Dyed & White Bleached Waxed & Un Waxed in different cut lengths according to the buyers requirement)
Desiccated coconut low fat
  • Coir filled Brushes with Wooden Handles such as Deck Brushes, Brooms and Banisters,
  • Coco Peat in 25kg Bales, 5kg Bales & 650 Briquettes,
Coconut oil (edible and industrial) Brush Mats with Wire-in-twisted Brush Rods
Virgin coconut oil Coir Twine
Organic virgin coconut oil Coconut eacle
Coconut milk Tawasi brushes (rods/bent)
Coconut cream Geotextiles
Creamed Coconut  
Coconut vinegar  
Coconut treacle (honey)  
Fresh coconut and copra  

Our Coconut Producers Co-Operative Societies

Dunagaha C.P.C.S

Sandalankawa C.P.C.S

Kammalpattu C.P.C.S

Nattandiya C.P.C.S

Marawila C.P.C.S

Wijaya Kagupotha C.P.C.S

Kurunegala C.P.C.S

Minuwangoda C.P.C.S